Police: ‘Bad batch of heroin’ may be responsible for 3 deaths, 13 overdoses in Muncie


MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Muncie police are investigating after 13 overdoses and three overdose deaths occurred this past weekend, according to WANE sister station WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

According to Muncie Police Chief Joseph Winkle, the overdoses occurred between midnight last Friday, Feb. 3, and midnight this past Sunday.

While the cases are still under investigation, Winkle said it could be related to a particular supply of heroin:

We think there’s bad batch of heroin, whether or not it’s been cut with something … to have such a huge number in a short time, we think someone’s been selling a bad batch.”

Winkle says the department will continue to work those cases, and trying to tie them together to determine if the problem has one source.

Jarrod Street was one of the people who died in Muncie this weekend.

“Jarrod is my youngest son’s father, he was a great guy,” said Jamie Dennison.

Dennison said he was an avid Colts fan and a father to two young boys.

“He could make anyone laugh. You could be having the worst day ever and he could make you laugh, I’ll never forget that,” said Dennison.

The 33-year-old was one of three people who died from heroin in Muncie this weekend. 13 others overdosed and are recovering.

“It just really hit home quickly,” said Muncie Police Chief Joseph Winkle.

He says these numbers are much higher than a typical weekend when officers respond to one or two overdoses.

“Right now it is a big issue for us and we are going to do everything we can to stop it, but it is a major problem,” said Chief Winkle.

Jamie Dennison says she’s recovering from addiction herself. She wants to see more programs and resources for people dealing with addiction to help them recover before they lose their life. She’s worried the heroin problem will only get worse if something isn’t done soon.

“We all have to come together and rally behind one another and take care of this,” said Dennison.

Muncie Police will be meeting with the prosecutor and other health leaders to discuss the heroin problem on February 14th.