11 years later, Chili’s officially lifts ban on Pam Beesly

A selfie by actress Jenna Fischer, shown in a 2016 file photo, triggered some "Office" nostalgia for fans Monday. Fischer is best known for playing Pam Beesly Halpert on "The Office." Beesly was infamously banned from Chili's after having one too many drinks at one of their establishments during a work function. Chili's officially lifted a ban in a statement Tuesday. (AP file)

(NEXSTAR MEDIA) — Spurred by a random tweet from actress Jenna Fischer, Chili’s has absolved her lovable “Office” character from her misdeeds 11 years ago and has lifted Pam Beesly Halpert’s ban from their restaurant chain.

Fischer took a selfie outside of a Chili’s restaurant and commented, “Should I go in?” The tweet referenced her most popular character’s regrettable decision to have one too many drinks during a Dundies award presentation. (Second drink! It happens, OK?)

11 years later, Chili’s took pity on Fischer/Beesly, lifting Pam’s nationwide ban from their restaurants.

The chain posted a news release, including a statement from the President of Chili’s forgiving Beesly of her past misdeeds.

No word on whether Fischer/Beesly has celebrated the end of the long-running feud with an awesome blossom (extra awesome).

Fischer played Pam Beesly on “The Office” for the comedy’s entire nine-season run on NBC. “The Office” was a hit during its original run, including winning the 2006 Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.