Indiana Senate leader hopeful for Sunday alcohol sales discussions

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) If you’re getting ready for the Big Game on Sunday, you’ve got to get your alcohol before gameday. Unless you’re at a bar, restaurant, brewery, or winery, you cannot buy alcohol in Indiana on Sunday. Alcohol carryout sales have been banned on Sundays in the state for nearly 80 years. But, Indiana Senate Leader David Long says it’s time to revive discussions again.

Changes to Sunday alcohol sales laws have been brought up to state legislatures before. The debate often pits big box grocers and pharmacies against local liquor stores, which are closed on Sundays. Andy Lebamoff, President and owner of Cap n’ Cork, says that labor costs are one of the big issues, but many local liquor stores are willing to negotiate. wane-kroger-statement-on-alcohol-on-sundays-quote-boardA Kroger spokesperson today said that they are eager to see a change in the law.

Indiana Senate Leader David Long discussed why changes to the law have hit roadblocks in the past:

These changes affect multiple parties. We’re in a three-tier system of distribution, manufacturing, and retail are all separately owned. And usually one change affects someone else in a different way and so that’s why it’s so difficult. …If we do make the change it’s for consumers and recognizing modern buying habits and things like that.

If you would like to contact your Indiana State Legislature to express your opinion on Sunday alcohol sales, visit the Indiana General Assembly website.