Star Wars fan shares memories, memorabilia of Carrie Fisher

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Star Wars fans everywhere are still mourning the loss of Carrie Fisher. For more than 30 years Richard, of Huntington, has been die-hard Star Wars fan and he’s collected thousands of items of memorabilia.

Richard is also affiliated with the 501st Legion Northern Darkness Garrison. It’s a group of Star Wars enthusiasts who do costumes and charity work.

Richard dressed as Gamorrean Guard at a Star Wars event.
Richard dressed as Gamorrean Guard at a Star Wars event.

He said he was devastated by the death of Carrie Fisher. He met Fisher a few times and he’s grateful he got the opportunity. Now, he’s left to cherish the memorabilia, including some pictures and books autographed by Carrie Fisher herself.

Richard said Fisher’s role as Princess Leia changed the way people viewed women in theater.

“Being a young girl at that time and being put in such a powerful role,” he said. “Just the way she played that role a lot of fans connected with her.”

A first date to see Return of the Jedi sparked a love Richard never could have imagined.

“[I] went and found a small action figure of Yoda and kind of started collecting toys at that time,” he said.

That was in 1983. He said he’s been hooked ever since. Watching her movies will be difficult, he said, knowing she’s no longer here.

“Carrie is going to be deeply missed,” he said. “Especially from the Star Wars fans.It was kind of emotional losing Kenny Baker who played R2-D2 earlier this year. It’s just to be expected.”

Richard owns about 15,000 Star Wars collectors items but said the memorabilia he has of Carrie Fisher is extra special to him.