My Hometown: Embody Dance

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Sydney Pacula has been dancing since she was just a little girl. But as she grew older, something was missing. It wasn’t until a discovery she made while living in Florida that she knew what that something was: ecstatic dancing.

“I’d seen this freedom that people have when they go to these gatherings and how I wanted to offer something like that to people here in our community,” Pacula said.

Ecstatic dancing is a type of dance that allows you to literally just go with your flow with no judgment or self-consciousness.

“All this thinking and mental stuff we go through all the time- to just kind of get out of that and get into your body,” Pacula said.

The ecstatic dance culture hadn’t made its way to Fort Wayne yet. When Sydney moved back here, the idea was still on her mind. Then she met Steve Vachon, who it turns out, was dreaming about the same thing.

“I said oh gosh I need to bring that to my hometown, to Fort Wayne,” Vachon said.

Vachon said that he knew he needed a partner in order to accomplish the goal. It seemed the two were meant to find each other.

“I knew that I needed a partner to do that because I know that I can’t do some of these things by myself. It comes out through partnership. So, yeah, I was delighted to have Sydney’s partnership,” Vachon said.

Starting a year ago in September, their classes now have a regular attendance. For Sydney it’s a story about personal growth that even goes outside of her life, bringing something new to Fort Wayne and impacting people’s lives in a way close to her heart.

“That just introduced this whole new way of dancing for me that connected all of my life. It wasn’t just dance anymore, it was connecting all of my life to dance. So that’s why we’ve ended up at this point,” she said.

Embody Dance is held here at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.