Average winter stats

You hear our team of meteorologists compare weather stats to what is considered “normal” or “average” during that time.  It can be hard to know what is considered average, so here are a few stats to help you know what an average winter looks and feels like.


The 30-year average snowfall for the entire winter season is just over 26 inches.  If we break that down by months, December averages 7.6″ of snow, January averages 10.7″, and February averages 7.8″ of snow.


2015-2016 ended up in the top 20 least snowiest winters on record with only 12″ of snow.  In 2013-2014, what our weather team called “the Worst Winter Ever,” we saw 59.4″ snow!


While that is a lot of snow, that’s not the snowiest winter we’ve had.  1981-1982 saw 61.1″ of snow, and a lot of you remember 1978 as being a very snowy year.  That was only the third snowiest winter which saw 49.8″.


As far as temperatures go, the average temperature for December is 29.1º.  The average temperature is calculated by averaging the high and low temperatures.  January’s average temperature drops to 24.9º, and February comes in with 28.3º as the average temperature.