First Fort Wayne Flag design on display for 200@200

Fort Wayne, Ind.  (WANE) – One of the artifacts highlighted for the December collection of the 200@200 Bicentennial exhibit at the History Center is the first Fort Wayne flag.  Museum director, Todd Pelfrey brought the muslin design to the station Saturday. He explained that the flag and additional pieces in the collection help us understand how past generations celebrated milestones in the state’s history.  This particular design symbolizes the three rivers that converge in Fort Wayne and the status of the city as the second largest in the state.  While the flag has been redesigned, it still reflects some of the symbolism from this first flag created in 1916.

For more about the History Center and the 200@200 Bicentennial exhibit, go to the website.  On the site there is a link to the virtual collection that features 200 exceptional artifacts which are significant to our Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana history.