Sommelier and chef offer their best food and wine pairing suggestions

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The holidays usually mean lots of gatherings with food and wine. Sommelier Roberto Splendore and Chef Laura Wilson of fine dining restaurant La Dolce Vita offered their best suggestions for wine to pair with foods at your holiday party.

Splendore spends time conducting wine tastings at La Dolce Vita, where he shares his expert knowledge with guests.

Splendore suggested Argentinian wine torrontés to pair with your holiday turkey, unless you use a heavy sauce or fruit sauce. If using a heavy or fruit sauce, Splendore suggested a pinot noir. For red meat, Splendore suggested cabernet sauvignon.

Wilson shared a list of possible food and wine pairings:

  • Turkey – pinot noir, guerini vineyard, lombardia Italy 2015, torrontés, andean vineyards, mendoza Argentina 2016
  • Salmon – chardonnay, cantina mori, trentino Italy 2015, sauvignon blance, chateau mezain, bordeaux France 2015
  • Beef – cabernet sauvignon, cuvee, sonoma 2015, valpolicella ripasso, manara, vento Italy 2013
  • Standing crown roast – barolo, osvaldo viberti, Pimenote Italy 2011, red blend “protest,” Sonoma 2014

For more information, visit La Dolce Vita.