Survivor of Holton Avenue quadruple shooting ‘feeling good’

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- It’s just the two of them now. Trinity Hairston and her Uncle Damion Arrington were inside their Holton Avenue home when a someone fired shots. Four of their family members were killed and Hairston and Arrington are the only two who live to tell the story.

Authorities have charged Marcus Dansby with the killings of Consuela Arrington, Trae Harris, Dejahiona Arrington, and her unborn child in September. Hairston was shot in the head and stabbed during the attack. Damion Arrington was not harmed.

Trinity said her Uncle Damion has been her source of strength, who has helped her get through this tragedy. Her mother, brother, sister, and her sister’s unborn baby were victims of the quadruple homicide.

Just two months ago, Trinity was bedridden, unconscious and on life support after being shot in the head and stabbed. Now she’s starting to feel like herself again.

“I’m feeling good,” she said. “Trying to walk again was a little rough. But I got there.”

She is no longer tethered to the hospital bed and tubes.

“I had a lot of tubes connected to me and they had to put a lot in me and I didn’t like it,” she said. “One time they had to put some tubes down my nose into my throat. As soon as the nurses left the room I took it back out.”

Damion Arrington was by her side every step of the way. He said he spent some long nights without sleep, doing a lot of praying. Arrington was there when it all happened. He came up from the basement after hearing gunshots.

“I woke up to gunshots,” said Arrington. “At first I thought it was a dream. Then it was gunshot, after gunshot, after gunshot.”

He come upstairs and went to the kitchen.

“That’s where my nephew was,” he said. “He was the first one that I saw. I saw Trinity laying maybe ten feet away in the dining room and she was barely clinging on to life. I just told her to hold on and that’s when I saw my sister.”

Arrington said his pregnant niece Dajahiona Arrington was upstairs. He learned her fate when police arrived. About a week later, when Trinity woke up, she realized what happened.

“All I said was, ‘where’s my mom, where’s my sister, where’s my brother? Where’s everybody at?'” she said. “They were just like everybody’s dead. Everybody’s gone. So I felt like I had nobody. But then, every time I would go to sleep and then wake up in that hospital bed, there would be my uncle. Smiling. and I would smile back.”

With her Uncle Damion Arrington by her side Trinity made a miraculous recovery.

“I couldn’t ask for a better uncle. He’s my hero,” she said. “Most people say their dad’s are their heroes, but my uncle is mine.”

Arrington said some even doubted she would make it. He knew better.

“I said no. She’s walking out of here. And she’s walking out of here with me,” he said.

She did just that. Trinity and her uncle said it was by the grace of God their prayers and the community’s prayers were answered.

“Some people sent out their prayers that I never thought would have you know,” she said. “But they did and I appreciated it. A lot.”

“We are really thankful for what everybody has done for us,” said Arrington. “Without them we couldn’t have done it.”

Dansby, who was charged with the killings, is due in court February.

In the meantime, the community has continued to help the family. There was a pool tournament at Break and Run in her honor Friday night. There will be another tournament Saturday starting at noon.