Central Indiana woman wanted to die with children

DARLINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Court documents say a central Indiana woman who confessed to killing her two young children said she wanted to die with them a day after her husband filed for divorce.

Thirty-year-old Brandi Worley of Darlington was charged Friday with two counts of murder in the stabbing deaths of her 7-year-old son, Tyler, and 3-year-old daughter, Charlee.

Documents say each child died from was stab wounds to their necks and a combat knife was found near their bodies early Thursday in the family’s home about 40 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Worley told officers she used that knife to stab them and herself. She remains hospitalized.

She told officers she did not want her husband “to take my kids” and “I just wanted to die with them.”


This story has been corrected to change the spelling of Charlee and to say she’s a girl, not a boy.


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