Purdue, prosecutor respond to allegations of sexual assault by 4 football players

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Sexual assault allegations surfaced Wednesday involving four Purdue football players.

Two female Purdue students claim the four unnamed players sexually assaulted them Oct. 13 in the players’ off-campus house, and a law firm representing the women has requested the four men accused be expelled from the university.

WLFI-TV received the investigation report the West Lafayette Police Department through the Indiana Access to Public Records Act. In the 16-page report, police talked to everyone involved and some of the testimony shows the girls admitted to consensual sex with certain players and engaged in group sex. A previous group chat conversation also shows the girls asked to take part in a three-some.

Purdue says it acted immediately and launched an investigation. University officials have confirmed they suspended the four players from the team pending the outcome of the investigation. The full statement released can be read in its entirety below:

Purdue University takes very seriously all reports of sexual assault. The university acted immediately to initiate an investigation upon receiving allegations from two female Purdue students relating to an incident on October 13, 2016. That investigation is ongoing. The University has devoted extensive resources to support those students. The four accused students have been suspended from the Purdue football team, pending the outcome of the investigation. Under federal law, no further information can be released by Purdue with respect to the accused students at this time.”

The Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office responded saying it reviewed the case and no charges were filed. Here’s in part, the statement released:

The Tippecanoe County Prosecutors Office received and reviewed the West Lafayette Police Case Report. West Lafayette Police conducted a thorough investigation, and were able to have the cooperation of all individuals involved. No criminal charges were filed after a review of the evidence.