Purdue senate chairman visits IPFW after unrest following program cuts

David Sanders met with the chancellor and faculty to address concerns.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Purdue’s Senate Chairman was at IPFW Thursday in the aftermath of university recently cutting several programs. David Sanders met with Chancellor Vicky Carwein and faculty.

He said when those cuts were announced that degree programs would be cut because of budget problems the response was swift.

“I received phone calls, emails and people also came to West Lafayette,” Sanders said.

As the chairman of Purdue’s Senate it was essential for Sanders to visit the Fort Wayne campus. He said IPFW faculty leadership also invited him to campus.

“It is part of our assignment to understand what’s going on and I’ll be presenting what I find to the University Senate,” Sanders said.

After the program cuts as part of the restructuring were announced students and some faculty protested the changes.

“There were some announcements made by the administration and faculty, some of them, seem to be caught off guard. They weren’t fully aware of exactly what was going to happen and they were concerned about their input into that process,” Sanders said.

Some took it a step further. Some tenured faculty are calling for Carwein to resign, releasing a “notice of no confidence” in their leader. Sanders said he’s aware of the letter.

“I think the biggest issue is always about communication and about whether there was adequate input of the faculty. Whether all the facts had been communicated properly, so that’s where a lot of the concerns arise,” Sanders said.

Sanders will go back to West Lafayette and present his findings at a Purdue Senate meeting later this month.