Pence to become Indiana’s 6th VP

Republican vice president candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks at the Republican National Headquarters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Every four years Daniel Johns, Executive Director of the Dan Quayle Vice Presidential Museum, prepares to add a new vice president. Johns said this time will be a special one: Indiana’s very own Mike Pence.

After Governor Pence was announced as Donald Trump’s running mate, Johns began collecting newspaper clippings, pictures, and other pieces of memorabilia from the candidates. He said it’s about more than just a picture on the wall. Indiana ranks second in the nation for vice presidents.

“I think it kind of puts Indiana back on the map,” said Johns. “If you look at the election results the Midwest is becoming important again.”

It’s exciting for Huntington resident Marj Grand.

“We also have highway 9, known as the ‘Highway of Vice Presidents,'” she said. “So we add another to Indiana.”

According to Political Analyst Mike Wolf, people are as excited for Pence as they are for Trump.

“We even saw some of the tweets out today with people congratulating Pence before saying congratulations to Trump,” said Wolfe.

As for Daniel Johns, he’s working to add Pence’s history into his educational programs for students who come to the museum.

“We do a lot of different programs,” he said. “One of our programs is called Indiana 5, it’s now going to be called Indiana 6.”

Here’s a list of the previous vice presidents from the Hoosier state.

The 17th: Schuyler Colfax with President Ulysses Grant
The 21st: Thomas Hendricks with President Grover Cleveland
The 26th: Charles Fairbanks with President Theodore Roosevelt
The 28th: Thomas Riley Marshall with President Woodrow Wilson
The 44th: Dan Quayle with President George H. W. Bush