What’s on the ballot

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Some of the last early voters in Allen County waited for three to four hours Monday to make their vote count. But did they know everything they’re voting on? Most people said they knew some of what would be on the ballot but not all of it.

Depending on where you live, your ballot could be five to six pages long. That’s not all just for a presidential vote.

“Not everybody’s going to be able to vote on the same school board race or their state representative. Those races are divided up by district,” Beth Dlug, the director of elections in Allen County, said.

The last page is all judges. The first page is a public question about whether to make hunting and fishing part of Indiana’s constitution.

“It is stumping some of our voters. They’re not exactly sure what it means. We can’t interpret what that means,” Dlug said.

And, something pretty out of the ordinary, a candidate on the ballot has passed away. Long time county councilman Roy Buskirk died Friday. But the law doesn’t require him to be taken off the ballot this close to Election Day.

“Should Mr. Buskirk win, we believe that that would be filled through a caucus of republican party precinct committee,” Tom Hardin, the chairman of the Allen County Election Board, said.

More than 31,000 people have voted early. But many still don’t realize you can look at your ballot beforehand. And with a voter turnout so high, it could save a lot of time. If you are registered in Allen County, find your ballot here.