Meet the Candidates: Democrat Tommy Schrader, IN-3rd District U.S. House

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Candidate for the U.S. House, IN-3rd District, Democrat Tommy Schrader believes he can do more for the people and work harder than his opponents. He believes the country should get rid of the malice in politics and focus on the people.

Some of his positions include raising the minimum wage, protecting equal rights for the LGBT community, and supporting a constitutional amendment against abortion.

Schrader describes himself as an “average Joe.” He is a Fort Wayne native and went to Snider High School before dropping out after his sophomore year when he said he developed a mental illness. He later received his GED and studied politics at the Anthis Career Center. He has worked in a library, as a poll worker, and a volunteer at the AIDS Task Force.

Schrader won the nomination for the U.S. House representative in the Democratic primary. 41,000 votes were cast, and Schrader won 32 percent of those votes. In 2011, Schrader won an at-large seat on the Fort Wayne City Council. After his win, however, the Allen County Election Board ruled he was ineligible because he had broken residency laws by still living in Green Bay, Wisconsin while running for the seat.

Schrader is running against Republican Jim Banks and Libertarian Pepper Snyder and is on the General Election ballot.

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