Court docs: 88-year-old woman attacked by nude teenager

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – According to an affidavit from Allen Superior Court, an 88-year-old woman was attacked by a naked teenager after letting her dog out into her backyard.

Mugshot of Riley Heilman, 18, provided by Allen County Sheriff's Department.
Mugshot of Riley Heilman, 18, provided by Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

On Friday, October 28 at approximately 7 a.m. Riley Heilman, 18, left his home naked, jumped the backyard fence of the 88-year-old woman’s home and began to chase the woman’s small dog, court documents said. The woman had just let the dog out of her back door.

When the woman saw a naked Heilman chasing her dog she attempted to direct the dog back into the house, court documents said. At this point, Heilman allegedly pushed his way into the back door of the woman’s home. In the process of forcing his way into the residence, Heilman crashed into the glass screen door, causing it to shatter. Heilman then allegedly entered the residence and started attacking the woman. According to court documents, Heilman struck the woman numerous times in the head with a closed fist and dragged her across the kitchen floor by the hair, causing a large clump of hair to come out.

Court documents advised, the woman’s 51-year-old male neighbor heard the screaming and ran to the woman’s back door. The neighbor saw Heilman standing naked over the injured woman, attacking her while clutching a piece of wood. Heilman then allegedly attacked the neighbor, and the neighbor and Heilman fell down on the back patio where Heilman grabbed a nearby dog bowl and struck the neighbor numerous times in the face and head, causing the neighbor’s glasses to break.

Another neighbor called the police after hearing all the commotion and witnessing the scene from her home. When an officer arrived he found a naked Heilman struggling with the male neighbor. Heilman disregarded all demands made by the officer and continued to fight and resist arrest. During the fight, Heilman threw the officer’s radio. The officer then tried to stun Heilman with a Taser, but it had little effect, court documents said.

When two other officers arrived, they managed to gain control of Heilman and handcuff him. According to court documents, the woman was taken to the hospital, having sustained several injuries. The male neighbor sustained minor injuries. Heilman was taken to Allen County Jail where he faces charges of burglary, two counts of battery, residential break-in, resisting law enforcement and public nudity.