89-year-old Cubs fan finally gets to call her team World Champs

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Lillian Geeting is 89 years old, but 89 years young is probably the best way to put it.

“I don’t know how I got to be 89. I don’t know how it happened,” Geeting said. “I say I’ve been with this body the whole time and didn’t know how I was getting old.”

Decked out in her Cubs gear and surrounded by Cubs pillows, cups, newspapers and blankets it’s clear she is a superfan.

“I like to say I’m a lifelong Cubs fan,” Geeting said.

Lillian’s love for the Cubs was passed down from her great grandfather, grandfather and eventually by her parents.

“My dad worked on the railroad and had a pass,” Geeting said. “When we would come home from school and my mom wasn’t there we knew that she had gone to Wrigley Field for a ballgame.”

However, this Cubs fan has never seen the historic ivy. At least in person.

“I’ve always been a Cubs fan. Never been to Wrigley Field,” Geeting said.

But that’s how she likes it.

“I wouldn’t like to go see the Cubs in the ball field because I can sit here and really see them. There they look like little ants,” Geeting said.

So from the comfort of her recliner this Cubs fan turned on the game and grabbed her phone to share the experience with friends and family.

“We text back and forth and all through the game,” Geeting said. “That makes it nice because I’m watching it with somebody.”

Lillian rode the roller coaster that was Wednesday night’s game.

“Well before they won I was scared,” Geeting said. “But I didn’t lose hope. I kept that up.”

A round 1 o’clock Thursday morning, all alone in her apartment this fanatic celebrated like it was 1908  and flew the “W”.

“I had a party by myself,” Geeting said.