Democratic candidates tour Indiana, stop in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Candidates are making their final push with the election just 5 days away. Several of the Democratic candidates are making their way across the Hoosier state in what they are calling the,”Moving Indiana Forward” bus tour.

The tour stopped at Coney Island in Fort Wayne before making its way to the Allen County Democratic Headquarters for a rally, Wednesday night.

Candidate for Governor John Gregg Gregg, his running mate, Christina Hale, and U.S. Senate candidate Evan Bayh were among several other candidates on the democratic ticket who are apart of the tour.

For the candidates, these last few days before the election will be spent getting the message out to as many people as they can.

Bayh, who’s caught up in a bitter battle against Todd Young for the U.S. Senate seat, urged voters to ignore the negative ads.

“Let’s make this election about something more important then all the attacks, all the negativity and all the lies,” he said.

While Gregg, who’s running against Eric Holcomb for the state’s top job, said the focus on this election should be the people.

“It’s not about politics,” said Gregg. “It’s about taking the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans and Independents.”

Hundreds of supporters showed up to hear the message. Gregg challenged all of them to do one thing: talk to more Republicans.

“If they start talking to Hoosiers and they start challenging them to look beyond the party lines they’re going to get me an extra vote,” said Gregg. “And that’s what I need.”

The tour started on Saturday in John Gregg’s hometown of Sandborn will visit 54 communities across the state over the eight-day trip. Events include rallies, visits to schools, local businesses and town squares.