Allen Co. Democratic chair says voters can trust voting system

Allen County Democratic Party chair Jack Morris announces a voter protection program.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Allen County Democratic Party Chairman Jack Morris is concerned that people no longer trust the political voting system and he wants to help restore their faith. He held a press conference Monday to announce a voter protection system for Allen County.

Morris said one of the presidential candidates is making claims that are causing people to think voting polls are unfair.

“When a candidate for president of the United States talks about our system being rigged, that is offensive,” he said. “It undermines our democracy. It is careless in its communication.”

The Allen County Democratic Party will be keeping a close eye on the process with the intent to help keep things legal and make sure everyone feels safe. They have monitored polling sites for years, but this is the first time they’ve held a press conference about it.

They have trained poll watchers who will assist with long lines and equipment problems, direct voters to appropriate polling locations, correct errors regarding a voter’s status, assure proper application of the photo I.D. requirements, and look out for any voter suppression or intimidation efforts.

“That’s why we have watches out there is to help those people feel comfortable to make sure that there will be people watching to make sure that they are not embarrassed and they are not intimidated to vote,” Morris said.

He believes voters can trust the voting system.

“We can be assured that on election night when the results come in that for sure here in Allen County and in Indiana, the voters can trust those results that come in,” he said.

Allen County Republican Chair Steve Shine agrees that the results can be trusted. He believes “rigged” is too strong a word, but says we do have to be cautious.

“There is nothing that is more of an insult to democracy than having one’s vote who is entitled to cast a vote cancelled by someone who fraudulently cast a vote,” he said.

Morris said the best way to protect against a result you don’t want is to vote.

“I would say all voters should feel comfortable with the results of our election, whichever side whether you win or you lose,” he said. “Our system is a good system. It’s a good system now. It will be a good system after the election on November 8. If you are concerned what the result might be, simply go out and vote.”

The Allen County Democratic Party has trained 19 poll watchers who will be at various polling sites in the county during early voting and on election day on November 8. The Allen County Republican Party has trained watchers as well.