Police: Men involved in stabbing incident say they were defending themselves

SWAYZEE, Ind. (WANE)  The Grant County Prosecutor’s Office will determine if either of two men involved in an argument that led to one of them being stabbed will face charges related to the incident.

Early Tuesday morning, police were called to 108 West Wilson Street in Swayzee after someone called 911 to report a stabbing at that address according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Department. When officers arrived they found Kenneth Haynes, 47, suffering from stab wounds.  He was first taken to a hospital in Marion before being airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital for surgery. Haynes’ injuries are not life threatening.

Photos of Kenneth Haynes (L) and Daniel Clem (R) provided by the Grant County Sheriff's Department.
Photos of Kenneth Haynes (L) and Daniel Clem (R) provided by the Grant County Sheriff’s Department.

Haynes told officers that the had been in an altercation with another man and that he was just protecting himself when the stabbing took place.

The other man, identified as Daniel Clem, 29, of Marion, was found by officers later in the day.  Clem told police he was defending himself when he stabbed Haynes as a means to escape the residence.

The investigation is ongoing and police are conducting more interviews.  The case will be turned over the to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office to determine if any charges will be filed.