Theater general manager and owners work to fix damage

ANGOLA, Ind. (WANE) – An iconic theater in downtown Angola is damaged. A car drove into Brokaw early Sunday morning. It’s not affecting business but the owners are left with some expensive repairs.

It was an eventful weekend at the Brokaw but not because of anything typical.

“Nothing ever prepares you for hearing that a car ran into your place of business,” David Benson said. Benson is the general manager for Brokaw.

Around 3.30 Sunday morning a car crashed into the theater. Police said a man intentionally drove onto the sidewalk. He claimed his friend was getting beaten up and he was trying to break up the fight. The bizarre situation is now costing the theater anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 in damages.

“Especially with the extent of the repairs and the restoration that was done here, it’s like it almost made you want to cry because the theater, I mean, it’s so beautiful now. The outside with the tile work, the inside with the art deco, it’s like to see it all that hard work that was into it and now know it’s scarred,” Benson said.

The theater, built in 1931 and fully renovated in 2015, is a popular staple in Angola. Now people are showing their concern about what happened.

“The community is watching, they do care and they will help us get through this and we will be able to maintain business,” Benson said.

There is an investigation going on but when NewsChannel 15 asked Benson if he wants someone to be held accountable, he said they’re more concerned on getting things back to normal.

“Vengeance, retribution or whatever, that’s the furthest thing from everybody’s mind. If it happens it happens. If not, it’s no big deal. We just want to get it repaired and go back to doing what we can for the community,” Benson said.

The theater hasn’t shut down since this happened because the damage wasn’t causing any dangers. But you are asked to call Angola police if you know anything about the fight that led to the crash.