Ohio early voting in full swing

Paulding County voters are casting votes early as their state maintains its status as a presidential battleground state.

PAULDING, Ohio (WANE) – Early voting is in full swing in one of the 2016 presidential election’s most important states – Ohio. In the village of Paulding, early voter turnout has been on the rise for years.

“There’s just a lot of interest with this election and I think people are getting more interested because they do have more of an opportunity to vote early now than what they did about 10 years ago,” said Brenda Crawford, Paulding County Board of Elections director. “So, that makes it more convenient for people to get out and vote and I know a lot of people appreciate being able to vote early.”

In Paulding County, 1,465 people requested to vote early in the 2012 presidential election. As of today, 1,814 people have already requested to vote early for the 2016 election. By election day, Crawford expects that number to be closer to be upwards of 2,800.

In Paulding County, About 12,000 people have registered to vote. Early voting began October 12 and runs until November 7.