Mother searches for alternatives to candy this Halloween

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – After Trick or Treating is over, it’s a sugar-filled night for most kids. Not everyone can indulge in that Halloween loot, so one mom is asking for alternatives this holiday.

“He’s a typical 2-year-old child,” Tabbetha Salzbrenner said. “He just eats different than anyone else.”

Austin Maner is an energetic 2-year-old and curious about everything. He’s a typical boy who loves dinosaurs, and is excited for Halloween.

“It’s so fun to watch him,” Salzbrenner, Austin’s mother, said.

However, Austin is fed 24 hours a day through a feeding tube. This Halloween, Salzbrenner is looking for homes offering more than candy, and it’s not just for Austin. It’s for the kids all across the area that can’t eat candy.

“So I was thinking to outreach to the community and be like hey guys we can’t have candy, so if you could provide a little toy that would be awesome,” Salzbrenner said. “It’s not just for my son, it’s for all those families too.”

Salzbrenner posted about her search on Facebook, and since has gotten a lot of leads on where to take her son on Halloween.

“I’ve had people contact me from churches and schools and houses saying come here I have something for you little boy,” Salzbrenner said.

Austin was born with a narrow esophagus, and has been on a feeding tube since he was a baby. This year Salzbrenner started gradually feeding him by mouth, but then complications shut his stomach down. Now, it’s a feeding tube only for Austin.

“He knows what a sucker is and he knows what a tootsie roll is and he knows they taste good,” Salzbrenner said. “He’s two and a half it’s easy to please him. He doesn’t want any extravagant toy or anything. So, just little bitty things that aren’t candy.”

Since Austin has to carry his feeding tube everywhere he has a dinosaur backpack to carry it. It only makes sense that Austin will be a dinosaur this Halloween.