SOS: No hacks on Indiana’s election systems

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) – Nearly two dozen states, including our neighbors to the west, Illinois, have seen some sort of attempted breach in their election systems. Even more states have looked to the Department of Homeland Security for help.

Indiana is not one of them, but Secretary of State Connie Lawson talked to NewsChannel 15 to explain what’s being done to make sure the systems are secure.

“People try, they’re always going to try, but we believe we have the security in place,” Lawson said.

For Arizona, one of the states where hackers attempted to infiltrate the voting database, it happened when a county election official opened an email attachment. So, the group Lawson refers to as the core team, has gotten word out to all county election officials.

“They have asked them to be vigilant about their passwords, user names and also vigilant to not be clicking on any fishy emails,” Lawson said.

Lawson said when attempted hacks happened in places like Arizona, Illinois and Florida is when she got a notice from the FBI, and the state’s systems were rechecked for any security issues. She didn’t want to get into specifics about the state’s security techniques, but she did share some of the work being done.

“We’ve examined our system, we’ve checked over 15 million logins in the system to make sure none of those logins came from one of the two URL sites the FBI notified us of,” she said.

It’s a threat that didn’t come out of no where, and something the state has been prepared for even before the FBI notice.

“I would say there’s a heightened sense this year,” Lawson said. “But it’s always been an issue.”

In Allen County, about 274,000 people are registered to vote, and thousands more are pending. Since Friday afternoon, about 2,000 people have already voted early.