Veteran Open House at Therapeutic Horse Center

Fort Wayne, Ind.  (WANE) – Veterans and their families, people who serve the veteran community and anyone interested in supporting equine programs for veterans are welcome to attend an Open House from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., Saturday, October 15 at Summit Equestrian Center (10808 LaCabreah Lane).  Summit is expanding Equine Assisted Therapy services to include specific opportunities for veterans to work with and ride horses to help on their journey to physical and emotional well-being.  Enjoy a relaxing time at the barn while you learn about the services that Summit Equestrian Center offers.  Everyone is welcome to stop in and meet some of the four legged therapists.

  • Adaptive Riding Program: Veterans learn basic horse care and riding skills, then have the opportunity build on their experience as they go for a trail ride compete in local contests or help build our drill team. Riding horses can be an empowering, physical undertaking, it takes therapy up a level. At Summit we work with riders with TBI, PTSD, amputations, paralysis, anxiety and other challenges toward a wide range of personal goals.
  • Centered Leadership Program: Veterans build ground-based horsemanship skills. This utilizes our round pen, directing the horse to travel around, change directions, and regulate pace often without using ropes or equipment. By focusing on the connection between horse and person we can rebuild trust and communication, instill hope and confidence, all without saying much at all. The Centered Leadership program reconnects the person to their own self-awareness as the horses respond to the energy and movement in the arena. You cannot be living in the past or the future and get the response from the horse you desire. The veterans in this program will have the opportunity to gentle and work with our BLM Mustang. The mustangs and veterans identify with one another, having both experienced life altering changes and having highly attuned self-preservation skills. The desire to connect with the wild horse often helps rekindle the drive to reconnect with other passions in their lives.
  • Resilience Foundation Program: Veterans work with Equine Facilitated Counseling team. This is an experiential approach to counseling. Decidedly action-oriented, equine facilitated counseling using the EAGALA Model helps military clients understand and recognize patterns, build on their personal strengths, and translate emotional insights into life-changing action. Our specialized team takes the clinical feel out of counseling and encourages each person to experience life again. Our staff communicates with the veteran’s existing therapy team to work through “stuck” spots and make connections that traditional therapy approaches sometime struggle with.

These programs are effective therapy strategies for people having trouble with readjustment, anger management, anxiety, depression, combat stress, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, physical injuries, relationship problems as well as other challenges. Please contact Summit with questions about services at 260-619-2700 or check out the website.