Group aims to fix prominent clock in downtown Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A historic preservation group is working to raise money toward fixing an 80-year-old bronze clock that hangs outside the former L.S. Ayres department store building in downtown Indianapolis.

Indiana Landmarks leaders estimate repairs will cost $10,000. The group hopes to raise $20,000 so it can also start a maintenance fund for the clock.

Indiana Landmarks Vice President Tina Connor tells The Indianapolis Star it looks neglectful to have the clock showing the incorrect time at its prominent location a block south of Monument Circle.

The group hopes to raise the money by Nov. 7 so the clock can be fixed before holiday season activities start.

The 8-foot-tall clock weighs 10,000 pounds and is mounted 28 feet above the sidewalk. Indiana Landmarks leaders aren’t sure when the clock stopped working.


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