Voter registration numbers are up and the same is predicted for early voting numbers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – October 11 is the last day to register to vote and the numbers show many already have. NewsChannel 15 looked into registration numbers and early voting preparations.

3,000 people registered online to vote Monday. It’s predicted to be close to that or even higher for Tuesday. A lot of people are ready to vote and not just for the big presidential race. Election Day is just around the corner and Allen county election officials are busy getting ready.

“It’s plenty of work but, yeah, you always want to see people participate,” Barry Schust said. Schust is the Republican board member for Allen county voter registration.

Already it looks like a record breaking election year.

“We have 273,510 active voters with over 3,500 pending.

Back in the general election of 2012, that number was right around 254,000.

“So obviously we’re already up 20,000 and I would project to be up maybe 25,000 perhaps a 10 percent increase from 4 years ago,” Schust said.

The increase in registration could be because more people are registering online.

“People are taking advantage of that. So I think that ease has probably propelled the numbers a little higher,” Schust said.

Beth Dlug, the director of elections, said this trend is likely to continue for early voting.

She expects hundreds Tuesday on the first day.

“The last election was about 500 people that voted that very first day and it’ll continue to be that until the last week before the election where we’ll start getting into 1,200, 1,500 people that will be showing up to vote,” she said.

Early voting starts at the Rousseau Centre. Then on November 1 the satellite locations will open up as early voting sites. It’ll be a busy process but Dlug suggests looking at your ballot before coming in.

“You can get sample ballots at our website Take a look at it and come on in and vote,” she said.

You can register to vote online until midnight October 11. All dates and times for voting in 2016 can be found here. Scroll to the bottom for the early voting.