Prosecutor reacts to Pasztor jailhouse interview

Elkhart County Deputy Prosecutor Vicki Becker, who is working on the Amber Pasztor case, talked to us following the airing of an exclusive jailhouse interview with the woman accused of killing her children.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) An exclusive interview with Amber Pasztor, a woman accused of kidnapping and killing her two children, has gotten a lot of attention from people all around the world and those closest to the case.

“Having all that spread across the public domain becomes an issue for her,” Elkhart County deputy prosecutor Vicki Becker said. “There’s no two ways about that. Obviously our main concern at this point is ensuring that Miss Pasztor has a fair trial and that her due process rights are protected. Obviously the more that this case is in the media the more attention it gets the more jurors could potentially be tainted by what is out there in the media.”

Pasztor shared details and information not released by police, explaining how and when she killed not only her children but also her neighbor Frank Macomber. Pasztor faces to murder charges out of Elkhart County, where police believe her children died. Pasztor revealed chilling details about what lead up to their deaths and why she did it.

“That information spread out now to the public is certainly concerning I’m sure for her defense attorneys, but also from the state’s perspective and yes it is very likely that reporter as well as the video that was taken will be potentially used as evidence in the prosecution should she choose to got to trial,” Becker said.

Whether that trial stays in Elkhart County could come in to question following the media attention the case has been getting.

“It’s too soon to tell. It truly is. At this point in time every thing is very preliminary,” Becker said in response to the question. “They have only begun to establish a relationship with her and so obviously that’s going to have to proceed before they make any determination with what they are going to do from a procedural standpoint.”

The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office said the case of Macomber’s death is still in the hands of investigators. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office said they expect the case to be handed over soon, but did not provide an exact date.