Councilman wants handguns allowed at city parks

File Photo.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)-A Fort Wayne City Councilman wants to allow people to carry handguns at city parks. Councilman Jason Arp asked that the ordinance that prohibits firearms in certain public places be updated.

According to Arp the city code is not consistent with the state’s gun regulations. He said in 2011, the state got rid of regulations that prohibit legally-licensed gun owners from carrying a firearm in a park. Arp said he’s just trying to bring the city’s ordinance up to speed.

“Citizens have been stopped in city parks and been cited for having a firearm that would otherwise be legal to carry,” he said.

Arp said allowing firearms at parks will give legally licensed gun owners an opportunity to protect themselves. He hopes updating the ordinance, will help stop violent crimes- especially against women.

“The firearm actually allows a 100 pound woman to defend herself against a 200 pound assailant,” he said. “You look at places like Florida. The statistics on rapes fell dramatically when people were able to defend themselves.”

He says updating the ordinance now will benefit future generations.

“You know Ive got children and little girls and when they grow up I want them to be able to defend themselves.”

The ordinance was just introduced to city council Tuesday. It will be discussed at next week’s city council meeting.