Undecided voter chimes in on Trump and Clinton

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) With less than a month before Election Day, some voters are still on the fence about who will win their vote for president.

“I was pro Cruz then Rubio and when that field went down to Trump and Hillary I was really torn,” Donna Kelley said.

Kelley describes herself as an independent, but when it comes to president she can’t decide between Clinton and Trump. Kelley’s top priority is safety. Her main knock on Clinton comes down to her immigration policy.

“I’m not for open borders,” Kelley said. “That’s the main reason why I’m not for Hillary.”

Her concerns about Trump stem from controversies and his sometimes unfiltered statements.

“Just with a lot of the things that have happened has made me question if he is the right person or not,” Kelley said.

Kelley said in the past month or so she started leaning toward Clinton, but with controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation and emails she said she’s now leaning more toward Trump. In the end, she said she’ll follow her gut.

“When it comes down to it when I go into the voting booth if my conscious will not allow me to actually to vote either way of the two main candidates then I will pick a third party which I’m going to start investigating now,” Kelley said.

With less than a month before Kelley heads to the polls, she said she’ll continue to try to educate herself about the candidates and make a decision. A decision that could change in the eleventh hour.

“I think it could change that day as I’m walking in,” Kelley said.