FWPD offers reminders about proper needle disposal

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Fort Wayne Police Department has been requested to collect syringes and needles that have been found throughout the city. According to a statement from Officer John Chambers, officers will not respond to dispose of these items.

The FWPD advises the following:

Anyone who locates a needle or syringe can place them into the trash. The preferred method of disposing of a needle is to place the needle into an empty plastic laundry soap container, coffee can or similar container.

Placing needles and syringes directly in the trash without protection is not recommended as it poses a threat to trash collection employees. Gloves or pliers can be used to pick up the needle. Never pick up a syringe by the sharp end.

Syringes found that are not associated with a police investigation are of no evidentiary value and should not be disposed of.