FW Children’s Zoo closes for the season

Echo, a baby African penguin, greets the media on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WANE) The city’s zoo ended its season with more than 570,000 visitors. The year included the opening of the newly renovated Outback, the third and final stage of the new Australian Adventure.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo also debuted baby penguins and kangaroo joeys. Three kangaroo joeys were announced in the early summer and continue to grow.

Visitors also got a chance to see Asmara, the Sumatran orangutan, who turns two in November. Kiango, the reticulated giraffe born in June 2015, might have spent his last season at the zoo. He is nearing the age where he will have to leave the family unit and go to a new herd. Kiango could be recommended for transfer to another credited zoo, according to zoo officials.

Zoo officials announced new additions: two Tasmanian Devils and a new male lion, Bahati, who can be seen at the opening of the next season.

A record number of people stopped by the zoo for its 50th anniversary. In 2016, attendance also soared and nearly matched that of last year’s. Before closing day, 571, 222 guests walked through the exhibits.

Workers are setting up decorations for the family-friendly annual Wild Zoo Halloween, which begins on October 14.