Eric Holcomb reveals Community Development Plan in Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The republican candidate for governor stopped in the Summit City Wednesday. Eric Holcomb revealed his Community Development Plan downtown. Holcomb said he chose Fort Wayne for revealing this because the city is an example of the success of the Regional Cities Fund. He said like that effort, his community development plan is about taking Indiana to the next level through foundational and local efforts.

The plan is four parts. It starts with investing in local community development and enhancing safety. The next two steps are addressing public and mental health issues including drug addictions, followed by protecting the most vulnerable citizens from abuse and neglect. Holcomb said it’s easy to come up with a plan but harder to make it happen.

NewsChannel 15 brought up the fact that the number of homicides is almost record breaking. When asked what he thinks could be done, he said he believes it would take multiple ideas.

“From the streets, the not for profits, the faith based associations, the schools, the local government, cities and the state together, it’s truly an all hands on deck effort,” he said.

NewsChannel 15 also asked Holcomb what he thinks about the fact city council eliminated the position of public safety director.

He said that will also require a group effort.

“I want to respect the local autonomy and local home rule but we are going to have to, and what I mentioned earlier and part of this plan is, I do want to convene a working group that will pull all the public safety officials together,” he said.

The communications director for the Democratic Party sent out this response to Wednesdays announcement:

“Eric Holcomb continues to provide no new ideas of his own and instead embraces Mike Pence’s failed policies that has Hoosiers working more for less and a state economy growing at a slower rate than the national average. However, It’s reassuring that Eric Holcomb supports John Gregg’s plan to increase pay for police officers, an idea which helped Gregg earn the endorsement by the Indiana State Police.” – Drew Anderson, communications director