Election board warns about checking voter registration after fraud investigation

FILE: Voting in Allen County

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Allen County is the latest county to be included into a statewide investigation of voter registration fraud. As a result of that investigation, members of the Allen County Board of Registration are urging voters to double check if they’re in doubt.

Allen County is one of nine counties included in an investigation. State Police started looking into the issue in August to make sure no one was intentionally registering voters with the wrong name, address, or wrong date of birth. The investigation involves a group called the “Indiana Voter Registration Project.” The Hendricks County Clerk first asked for an investigation after finding discrepancies in several voter applications.

Maye Johnson, of the Allen County Board of Registration, said the office is doing everything they can to process the voter registrations, but oftentimes they’re seeing errors that could cause delays. Johnson said in order to make sure you’re properly registered, you have to do your part, too.

“Boxes go unchecked and as a result of that your application may go into a file that is incomplete or could be rejected,” she said.

Johnson said the process has fail safe procedures at the polls and voter fraud is hard to do.

“You can fake voter registration and include information but we check everything,” she said. “We have a cross referencing process. We check your drivers license number, we check your social security number, we check age.”

Johnson said voters have to take responsibility to ensure their vote counts.

“Voters need to keep their eye on the prize,” said Johsnon. “And that is to protect and ensure that their voter registration information is accurate, it is updated so they won’t run into any problems when they go to vote on election day.”

Even though you filled out an application you are not registered officially until you receive a confirmation from the board of elections.That could come by mail, or you can check online.