Four Northwest Allen schools on lockout as the result of clown messages

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Four Northwest Allen County schools were placed on lockout status Monday after administrators became aware of what were deemed inappropriate posts on social media regarding clowns. The posts claimed that clowns would be visiting Carroll Middle School, although there was no timetable given.

As a result, the middle school and Eel River, Hickory Center and Huntertown elementary schools were placed on lockout status, meaning the exterior doors of the buildings are locked as normal, but the additional step of keeping  students inside throughout the school day is initiated.

Carroll Middle School principal Brandon Basham sent an email to parents notifying them of the lockout status.

The email noted that the action was being taken because of incidents being reported in and around Fort Wayne.

It is unfortunate that the clown issues are affecting our children and schools. We are taking extra precaution, and we are not allowing students to exit the building today. We do not want the inappropriateness of some individuals to scare or hold us hostage in our own building. We are doing everything here to continue to keep our students safe and learning.  Brandon Basham, Carroll Middle School Principal