New app tracks Huntington school buses

HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WANE) As a new school year gets underway, parents in Huntington County have the ability to track their child’s school bus,

The app, called “Here Comes the Bus” was first put in use earlier in 2016. The Huntington County Community school system was the first in northeast Indiana to use it.

Parents can download the app and pick their child’s bus. They can then see where the bus is and be notified when it’s in the area of the bus stop. It is also setup to remind parents when there is a change in the bus schedule.

School leaders say the app is cutting down on phone calls from parents wondering where the bus is and keeping students from spending a lot of time out in the elements waiting for their ride.

They also say it’s keeping the roads safer.

“We’re trying to make it a safer ride for our students so we’re not distracting our drivers on the radio to ask them if they’ve been at a stop or picked up a certain student or dropped a certain student,” Director of Transportation Vanessa Fields said.

“We try not to bother our drivers while they’re driving so they can concentrate on their job,” Fields added.

It costs the school district $120 per month to use the app, but it is free for parents. You can download the app and see more directions on how to use it on the HCCSC website.

To see the app in use, tune into First News from 5-7 Monday morning.