Legal guardian of missing children worries for their safety

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Ricky Green spent hours in the same spot, waiting for answers. His 29-year-old daughter Amber Pasztor is suspected of kidnapping her two children from his home. Green is their legal guardian.

“I love them children and I love her. Please don’t hurt them kids,” he said.

He said he got custody of Liliana and Rene, his grandchildren who now call him dad, about a year ago. He claimed Amber was in a rough spot, battling drug addiction.

“I know she does meth and I know she does spice. I know her head is all messed up but she’s got to know they are her kids,” he said.

Shortly after six a.m., Amber kicked his door down and took the kids. Police believe 65 year old Frank Macomber was with her. They were last seen in a tan or silver 1999 Mercury Mystique.

“I think she’s just using him to get what she wants, you know, a ride out of town,” he said.

Amber’s cell phone pinged near the theater in Auburn.  Police set up a command center there. Multiple agencies from all over were involved.

“We utilized all the K9 teams that we had from Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio that were here for training,” Detective Adam Griffith said.

Nothing was found. Police are still searching. Ricky Green is still hoping.

“I just hope and pray. I’m down on my knees in front of God just hoping that my kids come home,” he said

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