Recent heat should not impact fall foliage


With temperatures in the 80s to near 90° this week, it’s almost hard to believe that the leaves will be changing colors in just a few weeks. As the trees begin to recognize that the nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter, the green chlorophyll in the leaves will begin to disappear. That reveals the yellows, purples, and reds in the leaves that have been there all along. But, weather can impact just how vibrant the colors are and how long they last.


Northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio typically sees peak fall color during the middle of October. Even though our temperatures have been running more than 10° above average recently, local experts say this should not impact fall foliage this season. According to Derek Veit, Superintendent of Forestry Operations for the City of Fort Wayne:

If the drought had gone into fall and we lost a bigger percentage of our canopy leaves, that could have a negative impact. I think the biggest dictator is gonna be getting a freeze before we get our full color….The way it’s looking right now looks like everything’s on track to have a beautiful fall.

Having temperatures running a bit above average is not a problem when it comes to foliage. And now that it is officially fall, we’re hoping to see warm days, cool nights, light winds, and dry weather to make for optimum color and viewing!

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