Indiana to help counties’ supply of heroin overdose drug

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Department of Health has plans in place to provide doses of the overdose drug naloxone in case there is a shortage.

State health department officials say they’ll have 50 just-in-case doses in each of the state’s ten public health districts so first responders can use those if the use up their own supplies.

Deputy state health commissioner Jennifer Walthall tells the Indianapolis Star that “naloxone needs to be in play at the time of need.”

Walthall says the approximately $100,000 cost of the repository will come from a more than $519,000 grant the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the state Health Department in August.

Walthall says rural counties most likely will be the repository’s beneficiaries because first responders in Indianapolis and other urban areas don’t have trouble keeping sufficient naloxone in stock.


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