Family: Trinity’s recovery nothing short of amazing


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- It’s like night and day. Just over a week ago 14-year-old Trinity Hairston was fighting for her life, in critical condition and hooked up to machines, after being shot in the head in her home on Holton Avenue.

“Right when she saw us she was like reaching out her hand saying, ‘come here, come here,'” said Destiny.

Her family calls her progress nothing sort of amazing. They shared cellphone video showing a teenager’s miraculous recovery after surviving the brutal attack killed her mother, brother, sister, and unborn nephew.

Trinity’s 15-year-old cousin Destiny Kimmeo-Boyd said said she couldn’t believe that Trinity was a victim of such violence.

“When I first went in there I was like balling and I was talking to her,” said Destiny.

But Trinity was unresponsive at the time. Now a week later she is awake, laughing and talking.

“I asked her, ‘did you hear me crying or do you remember that?'” she said. “She’s like ‘yeah I did you’re a big baby.’ I’m like I couldn’t help it.”

Only laughs for Trinity- and selfies, too. She even expressed gratitude to those who stayed by her side.

“She was saying I have the best family,” said Destiny. “I’m like I know girl. We’re so happy you’re doing okay.”

Destiny said Trinity must have had a guardian angel.

“I feel like my grandma in heaven was looking over us and saying no you’re not going,”she said. “Because I know my grandma. We were all close to her and everything.”

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