Shop at Kroger without leaving your car

Kroger ClickList allows customers to order online and pick up their groceries at the store.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – From your computer to your car, Kroger’s ClickList lets customers skip the cart.

“It’s what our customers want,” Dean Drilling, the E-Commerce Manager for Kroger, said.

Kroger ClickList employees fulfill orders customers submit online.
Kroger ClickList employees fulfill orders customers submit online.

The program first rolled out in Indianapolis about a year ago. This Thursday the two Fort Wayne Marketplace stores on Dupont Road and Coventry Lane will have it too. Kroger plans to expand it to more stores in Fort Wayne in the future.

“Cashiers are talking to customers and they seem to be very excited about it coming to Fort Wayne,” Drilling said.

Tuesday Kroger gave NewsChannel 15 a first look at how it works. It starts by creating a Kroger account and adding the grocery items you want to your online cart.

Click here for the ClickList website

“The webpage you see is personalized to you based on what you’ve purchased in the past,” Drilling said. “It makes your online ordering process much quicker than if you had to search for every item.”

If you’re picky about your produce, you can also give special instructions.

“We train our selectors, especially in perishables, to pick out the best pepper in the bunch and best package of strawberries,” Drilling said.

ClickList orders even have customized bags.
ClickList orders even have customized bags.

When you’re finished shopping, select the day and time window you want to pick up your groceries and click submit. Same-day pickup isn’t available yet, but Kroger plans to add that. People can get their groceries from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Once the order is submitted, the Kroger ClickList team goes into action.

“The orders go to a virtual cloud and all your items get sorted out so we can pick the items in your order from one end of the store to the other,” Drilling said.

The data downloads at midnight for the next day. The selectors will pull for several orders at a time and keep them sorted in barcoded bins.

ClickList orders are barcoded so the right items stay with the right order.
ClickList orders are barcoded so the right items stay with the right order.

“We store everything in a back room with a walk-in freezer, a walk-in cooler and an ambient area to keep everything in the appropriate zones so it’s fresh for when you get here,” Drilling said.

The pickup area is behind the store. Arrive during your hour window and then call the ClickList team to let them know you’re there.

“When you call in, we’ll ask if you have paper coupons, and if you do, we’ll come get them and take them off your order,” Drilling said.

People have to pay with a credit or debit card and employees will load the grocery bags into the vehicle.

“You can get to Kroger and be in and out in ten minutes,” Drilling said.

Kroger did hire more employees to run the ClickList program. There is a $4.95 service fee for using it, but the first three orders are free.

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