No rain on the Middle Waves parade

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Music festivals have been known to get a little muddy throughout history. But a little rain didn’t ruin anyone’s parade at the first Middle Waves music festival this weekend.

“We had people waiting to get in before the gates were open,” Middle Waves Marketing Chair Olivia Fabian said.

Saturday morning’s rain got things off to a little bit of a late start. Some acts were delayed about an hour.

However, for the Middle Waves crew that’s okay. Their mentality for more than a year of planning has always been ‘the show must go on.’

“I think it was a good test for all of us to come together as a team, everybody grab a hay bale, everybody put your boots on,” Fabian said.

“I have a poncho in my bag right now,” Zoe Moore said. “I’m here rain or shine.”

Speaking of ponchos, you could pick up a free one before heading into the shows. Speaking of those shows, there were a lot of look forward to with three stages and more than 30 acts.

“We were really excited to see Oferle play [Friday],” Kaylee Yanovich said. “They are a local band. We’re probably going to stay on for the Flaming Lips later. I’m really excited we came out. We hadn’t heard of this festival until a week ago.”

“I got my ticket in July actually because I was so thrilled for it,” Moore said.

The headliners– The Flaming Lips– wrapped up the show Saturday night on the St. Mary’s stage.

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