Vincent Village looking for ideas for future of Holton home

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Vincent Village is trying to think of a way to make it so the Holton Avenue property isn’t a constant reminder of what happened there. “How can we let the family’s memory live on and they can be remembered for their hard work and all the success that they had here at Vincent Village?” Denise Andorfer said. The Arringtons were part of the Vincent Village family. So their community wants to do something special with the home.

One suggestion was tearing it down to make garden space. The Vincent Home has one but this would be bigger. Another option is some kind of community center. “Could we rehab, basically the interior of the house, kind of gut it and remodel it into some kind of you know community outreach, youth, teen, outreach center? Andorfer said.

That option includes partnering with other organizations to offer things like conflict resolution, grief counseling, anger management and maybe even help with addiction. “Without judgement, with unconditional love and just saying you know what can we do? How can we offer you hope?” Andorfer said.

This would have to be something different than what’s already offered, something that would really reach out to those in need instead of relying on them to seek help. “I started in juvenile probation 20 some years ago and nothing’s changed. It’s got worse actually,” Andorfer said.

Whatever becomes of the property, the hope is to remember the Arringtons while creating an important legacy. “Meet the kids where they’re at. What do they need, what do they want? And what can we do to solve problems instead of picking guns up? I really want to see something positive happen,” Andorfer said.

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