Family, friends remembering lives of quadruple homicide victims

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Family and friends gathered on Holton Avenue to remember the lives of the family killed in a quadruple homicide over the weekend. Dozens of people came out to pray for the victims and for peace across the city.

Authorities have charged Marcus Dansby with the gruesome killings of Consuela Arrington, Trae Harris, Dejahiona Arrington, and her unborn baby.

Many people said they are struggling to cope with the senseless killings of three family members and an unborn baby. People closest to the family say they’re leaning on each other to get through this unthinkable tragedy.

Dajahiona Arrington, Consuela Arrington and Trae Harris
Dajahiona Arrington, Consuela Arrington and Trae Harris

“Our family’s hearts are torn,” said Sheila Smith, an aunt of the victims. “Through it all we’re going to make it because we believe in Jesus. God is the power.”

Prayer has been a source of strength for Smith and the rest of her family. Instead of focusing on the way their lives tragically ended, Smith said they just trying to remember the good times.

“We are a smiling family,” she said. “When you saw Consuela you saw a smile.When you saw her daughter you saw a smile. When you saw her son you saw a smile,”

Smith said she helped raise Consuela Arrington since she was 2-years-old. She said Arrington is Dejahiona and Trae’s mother. Arrington started her family at a young age and at one point hit hard times, but smith said she was working hard now to get ahead.

“I thank God she turned her life around. She brought her babies up to realize you can be all you can be,” said Smith.

Dajahiona Arrington was just weeks away from giving birth to a baby boy. A reality that is difficult for her friend Michelle Quintana to process.

“It was tragic,” said Quintana. “I didn’t believe it. As soon as I got the phone call I drove over here. Just to make sure it was really her house. It was.”

Quintana said she and Dajahiona were like sisters.

“Dajahiona was my best friend. Consuela was another mom. Trae was like a brother. and Trinity is like a sister still,” she said.

14-year-old Trinity Hairston was also in the home at the time of the attack. She’s still in the hospital but friends and family said she’s showing signs of improvement

The community gathered in front of the home to pray for the victim’s who died, and Hairston’s recovery. Despite everything Smith said she forgives.

“How can I thank God… how can I believe in him if I can’t forgive?” she said. “I forgive him. I forgive him.”

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