Effort underway to save Pocahontas Pool

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Pocahontas pool has a special place in Kristin Huff’s heart. “It’s such a nice place to be. In the winters I sit at my desk and dream about going to Poco in the summer,” she said.

As a young girl, she used to be on the swim team there back in the 80’s. Huff later moved away but came back. Poco was still there. “I remembered Pocahontas and how fun it was so we rejoined and now my kids go here and I think there’s a lot of families that have that experience,” she said.

She’s now a swim club board member, putting her love back into the pool to keep it going. But something pretty unfortunate happened, and now Huff may become part of a tough decision. “Two or three years ago our book keeper embezzled about 60 thousand dollars from us and we’ve been slowly sinking ever since,” Huff said.

She said they have to raise $10,000 just to get out of the hole. At first, the board was trying to take care of it. Then when people found out what was happening, they wanted to help. After all, with 55 years of memories, it’s a place that means a lot to people who grew up going there. “Thousands and thousands of people crew up coming to Poco when they were kids and knew of the pool. One of my neighbors found out about it and she told me that her parents brought her here for the groundbreaking,” Huff said.

There is a rummage sale Saturday September 17. It’s just one of the ways Huff and the other board members are trying to raise some money. “We’re trying. We are trying hard not to let the pool fail,” she said.

So next year they can continue the tradition and not have to close the doors for good. “This really takes away from not only the competitive spirit that you get to get the kids doing with their swim and dive time but it just takes away some of the outdoor fun and things that make Fort Wayne such a great place to live,” she said.

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