New details about murdered family emerge

Dajahiona Arrington, Consuela Arrington and Trae Harris

Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) The victims of a quadruple homicide were living in a home owned by Vincent Village and successfully participating in the non-profit’s program designed to help people get back on their feet. “They were very much loved by us and all the people that knew them,” said Executive Director Denise Andorfer.

Vincent Village owns 35 properties in Fort Wayne and has helped hundreds of families start over by providing subsidized housing, financial counseling and other services. It is a five year program. The victims of the quadruple homicide were in their third year and thriving according to Andorfer.

Dajahiona Arrington (Left) Consuela Arrington (Right)
Dajahiona Arrington (Left)
Consuela Arrington (Right)

Consuela Arrington had just received her certified nursing aid certificate. Her son, Trae Harris, was a senior at Northrop High School in Fort Wayne. He worked for the Tincaps over the summer making food for fans in the food service department. Andorfer says he was doing well and received a promotion.  “I know that the Tincaps loved him. He was a very hardworking employee. And they’re all so devastated that his life was lost so tragically,” said Denise Andorfer.

Arrington’s daughter Dajahiona Arrington recently graduated from Northrop High School. She was 8 and 1/2 months pregnant and expecting a boy. She was looking forward to beginning life as a new mom and was exploring options with Vincent Village. “Was she going to live at home with her new baby? Was she going to live on her own? We were helping her with her housing options” explained Andorfer, who met with Dajahiona several weeks before the murders to discuss her future.

Trinity Hairston was a freshman at Northrop High School. She was shot and stabbed but survived the attack and is currently listed in critical condition at a local hospital. “These were very hardworking, loving members of our community that we lost,” said Andorfer.

According to police the attack was not random. The suspect, 20 year old Marcus Dansby knew the family.  Police say it was a domestic situation. Dansby faces three counts of murder so far and one count of attempted murder. Police have not released a motive.

Trae Harris
Trae Harris


Trinity Hairston
Trinity Hairston



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