TinCaps on the Clock – Anthony Contreras

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – TinCaps manager Anthony Contreras joins us for our final TinCaps on the Clock this season.

Favorite sport to play besides baseball? Football
Who’s your favorite MLB manager? Dusty Baker
Who’s the goofiest on the team? Vinny Lopez
Childhood idol? Will Clark
Shower in the morning or at night? Both
Least favorite chore to do? Dishes at night
Favorite thing about summer besides baseball? Sunbathing by the pool
Which room of your home do you spend the most time in? Living room
What do you think players say about the way you manage? Composed
Type A or Type B? Type A
How many times have you been ejected from a game? One
Dinsey or Universal? Disney
What are your pregame rituals? Coffee, protein bar, shower
Funniest walk on song on the team and which one is it? Brad Zunica Work

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