Tornado recovery is swift near Woodburn

A demolished house and chicken coop are staring to take a new shape one week after a tornado his a small area northwest of Woodburn.

MILAN CENTER, Ind. (WANE) – A damaged barn is back together. A home is about a week away from being complete. Now, the people in Milan Center, just northwest of Woodburn, are reflecting on what it took to get life back to normal.

Looking out from his front yard swing, Joe Kahre sees reminders of last Wednesday.

“I could see in the soy beans the direction of the tornado now,” Kahre said. “It was headed at a direct angle toward my house. Then, about 40 yards out there it took a sharp turn to bypass my house. That’s sobering.”

One week ago a tornado barely missed Kahre’s house, but did demolish his beloved swing. One of his first moves after the storm was replacing that swing.

“As simple as it sounds having that swing to sit in Sunday morning and drink coffee was so peaceful,” Kahre said.

Along with his swing, the tornado destroyed the fence and shed for his miniature horses. That’s all fixed now.

“I had a group of people here the next day,” Kahre said. “People were out here cleaning up brush, people were back here building fence.”

Behind Kahre, his neighbors lost their home and their business’ chicken coop. Something new has already taken shape.

“In the chicken coop we’re going to have chickens in there October 5, 25,000 chickens,” volunteer Todd Hepler said. “The house will be done in another week or two.”

For Kahre and his neighbors this swift recovery wouldn’t be possible without the outpouring of help.

“You don’t even have to ask for help,” Hepler said. “Every turn we take out here everybody wants to contribute.”

With his swing on hand, Kahre is just looking to get back to normal life.

“We have the most wonderful mailman in the world here,” Kahre said. “Just seeing him come down the road, like normal, gave you peace.”

To help the victims of last week’s tornadoes click here.

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