Family praises community support for tornado recovery

PAULDING, COUNTY, OH (WANE) – “I could be laughing one minute, cracking jokes, crying the next. I mean I saw someone out mowing their lawn while I was driving the other day and I’m just like jealous,” Jessie Logan said. A week after a tornado destroyed Logan’s home, it’s all still fresh in her mind. It’s a day she’ll likely never forget. “My daughter was upstairs, that was her room there, she came running down and we all hopped in the bathroom. I said get down, get down and before you know it the drywall and everything was falling the roof got sucked up then it was done,” she said.

Seconds of destruction that left unimaginable damage. The house can’t be saved, the garage is gone, and the barn is barely holding on. “It’s just something you never prepare for,” Logan said. The family purchased their fixer-upper just barely a year ago; they wanted to start a life in the country. This wasn’t the way they planned to meet their new neighbors, the nearest probably a few miles away, but they’ve been surrounded with support. “There’s been families that have been here for eight, ten hours a day two days in a row. I mean without the community we wouldn’t have half of this mess cleaned up,” Logan said.

The school Logan’s son and daughter go to has been collecting items for the family- everything from food and drinks to shoes and pants. “I know what they say know when people say you know all we have is the clothes on our back because that’s what we had,” Logan said. But with everyone’s help, they’ve cleaned up as much as they can.

Now the family is just waiting for approval to tear it all down, so they can start over. After that, Logan says they have plans with their new friends. “Once this is all said and done we’re going to have one heck of a house party and they’re all coming out,” she said.

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