15 houses vandalized with spray paint on northside

More than 15 houses in a neighborhood just north of Downtown Fort Wayne were vandalized with spray paint early Sunday Morning.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – People in an entire neighborhood just north of Downtown Fort Wayne woke up Sunday morning to graffiti all over their homes. More than 15 houses were vandalized with spray paint.

The vandalism occurred on the two alleys on both sides of 4th Street. All of the spray paint was on the back sides of the homes. It was also on the the road, garbage cans, and cars.

One alley was sprayed with green and black paint. Another alley has beige paint.

Many of the spray painted markings are profane. There’s also a lot of symbols and phrases such as “haha” “guess who” and “why me?”

One garage looked like the owner had tried to clean the spray paint off, but evidence of it can still be seen.

Merlin Seslar, a man who lives on the street, found spray paint on his Chevy Camaro. He purchased the car just three weeks ago.

“I popped off like Yosemite Sam and I think my whole head literally came off my head, steam poured out and attached itself back again,” he said. “I was pretty mad.”

Fort Wayne police officers said they’ve gotten reports about the spray paint on 4th Street and are investigating. They ask that any one with information give them a call.

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